Discover Engineering Family Day

Discover Engineering Family Day
Become an engineer for a day!

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Engineers design the bridges you drive across, improve the food you eat, perfect the fabrics you wear, and even build computers like the one you’re looking at right now. Discover how professional engineers turn ideas into reality and do some engineering and problem solving of your own. Celebrate Engineers Week, February 21 – 27, by participating in this free, hands-on, and fun-filled family day with over 20 activities designed for kids.

Discover Engineering Family Day is a FREE, drop-in program. $5 donation suggested. Recommended ages 6 to 12.

EXPLORE the forces behind roller coasters
BUILD a structure that withstands a tsunami
DISCOVER what makes popcorn pop
LAUNCH a rocket
CONSTRUCT a towering newspaper skyscraper
What will you engineer this year?

Activities at the Festival may assist Scouts in fulfilling some requirements for the following Badges:

Tiger Cub Scouts: Make a Model
Wolf Cub Scouts: Family Fun, Spare-Time Fun, and Machine Power
Bear Cub Scouts: Family Fun, Build-a-Model, and Aircraft
WEBELOS: Craftsman, Engineer, and Scientist
Boy Scouts: Engineering
Brownie Girl Scouts: Building Art, Science in Action, Listening to the Past
Junior Girl Scouts: Aerospace, Science Discovery, Discovering Technology, Sky Search, Careers
Visit the Discover Engineering Family Day website to learn more.