Who We Are

Imagine Andrews Public Charter School (PCS) was established on Joint Base Andrews in 2010 to provide outstanding educational opportunities for military and community students. As a cooperative venture between Imagine Schools, Joint Base Andrews, and the Prince George’s County Public School System, Imagine Andrews PCS provides a challenging learning environment for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Expansion plans for Imagine Andrews include adding a grade a year through eighth grade. The student body is composed of children whose families are assigned to Andrews as well as children from families not assigned to the base and who may be both military and non military.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To serve our nation by providing our Imagine community with a well-rounded education and character development while meeting the needs of civilian and military families.

Our Vision

To create a school culture that prepares scholars for academic success and beyond as a leader to advance in a global community in which they live.

Educating the Military Child

At its core, Imagine Andrews is devoted to managing the challenges faced by children from military families. A growing body of research indicates that students whose parents are deployed in active war zones often experience emotional and behavioral problems that alter their academic performance and outcomes.

Therefore, as part of its mission, Imagine Andrews incorporates a heightened understanding of the stressors facing the students from military families. In order to help students deal effectively with their daily lives, faculty and staff are specifically trained to recognize and handle the unique circumstances experienced by military families. This understanding will ultimately lead to increased student achievement.

Imagine Andrews also serves the community at large, on many fronts. Understanding the importance of community support to make any school successful, Imagine Andrews seeks a partnership with the military units on Andrews, the schools in the local community, and with Prince George’s County Public Schools. Additionally, we work collaboratively with the businesses within Prince George’s County, and we encourage involvement from all parents in our school community.

Dr. BlumUltimately, we desire to see not only the students of Imagine Andrews progress to academic levels that will ensure their success in high school, college, and the workplace, but we also want to offer all children of Prince George’s County Public Schools the same opportunities.

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Our Unique Strengths

Imagine Andrews has many unique strengths that will help ensure its success, including:

Highly Qualified Staff

Vital to creating a structure of high expectations for students is supporting the professionalism of a highly qualified staff and faculty by providing common planning time and professional development activities aligned with school accountability plans.

Existing Demand

The home school network on base, Andrews Home Educators (AHE), consists of approximately 140 school-age children. The vast majority of the parents of students enrolled in AHE have expressed a preference to send their children to a school on base. These parents have also expressed a willingness to commit a significant amount of their time during the school year to help Imagine Andrews in any way possible.

Readily Available Financing

In addition to receiving support from the base, Imagine Andrews will receive financing from AMC East Communities, the owner and operator of more than 1,000 homes occupied by military families on Andrews Air Force Base. AMC East has also set aside a site for both a temporary school and a permanent school for Imagine Andrews.

Commitment to Community

Imagine Andrews will seek a partnership with the military units on Andrews; with the businesses within Prince George’s County; and with the local schools and with Prince George’s County Public Schools as a whole. We want to ensure that not only do the students of Imagine Andrews PCS progress to high school, college, and the work place, but also that all children of Prince George’s County Public Schools have the same opportunities.