Imagine Andrews Health Services (School Nurse: Crystal Vogtsberger)

The Imagine Andrews School Nurse is a professional school nurse who bridges the gap between health, wellness, and learning. Services provided are evidence-based practices, in accordance with the Prince Georges County Public Schools, that promote optimal health necessary for academic success of all students attending Imagine Andrews.

The following are some of the nurse’s tips for keeping your child, and all the children at Imagine Andrews, safe and healthy this school year.

When Should I Keep My Child Home from School?

Sick children need to be kept home from school. Resting at home will help them get better more quickly and will prevent them from exposing other children or the staff to their illness. Keep your child home and consult with your child’s Primary Care Provider if he or she:

  • Has a temperature greater than 100.4°F taken with an oral thermometer.
  • Has nausea, upset stomach, stomach pain that is constant, or vomiting.
  • Has diarrhea (frequent, loose, watery stools) and/or symptoms that may include cramps, bloating, nausea and an urgent need to have a bowel movement.
  • Has a sore throat that causes difficulty swallowing.
  • Has yellow discharge on eye lashes in the morning that comes back after being wiped off of lashes and eyes that are red (call your health care provider for a appointment the day this is observed).
  • Has a skin rash that causes itching and/or covers most of the body.
  • Has a constant cough and/or difficulty breathing.

What Will Happen if My Child Gets Sick at School?

If your child gets sick at school, he/she will be seen by the nurse. The nurse will do an assessment to determine what is wrong with your child. If the nurse’s assessment confirms your child is sick, then you will be called to come pick him/her up. Therefore, it is important that you provide Imagine Andrews with up-to-date contact information, including contact information of persons who can pick up your child in your absence.

When May My Child Return to School?

Your child may return to school when your health care provider says he/she is well enough, generally when symptoms have been absent for 24 hours or if your child has taken a prescribed medicine for a full 24 hours. Documentation from the health care provider may be needed in some cases.

What Is the School’s Policy About Medications?

Imagine Andrews follows the Prince George’s County Public Schools guidelines for handling and dispensing medications at school. The following are some important facts:

  • All medications and supplies must be brought to the nurse by the parent.
  • Medication should be sent to school only when it is absolutely necessary. Controlled-substance medication, such as Ritalin, must be brought to school by the parent.
  • Parents must give the first dose of any new prescription or over-the-counter drug, except as-needed emergency medication, such as an EpiPen.
  • Please notify the school staff when sending medication to the school, along with any completed medication authorization forms, with prescriber’s signature.
  • Prescription medication must be labeled by a registered pharmacist with the pharmacy name, address, and phone number, prescription number, date prescription was filled, name of student, and directions for administration.
  • Nonprescription, over-the-counter medications must come to school in the original container labeled by a registered pharmacist.

To download a copy of the full “Parent Fact Sheet for Medication at School,” click here

Health Requirements for Imagine Andrews

A physical examination is recommended (though not required) for each child entering the Maryland Public School System for the first time. If you choose to have an exam, it must be performed within nine months prior to school entry and up to six months after. The form is available at the school or can be accessed from the Health Services page on the school system web site,

All children need to have an up-to-date copy of immunization records to be enrolled in, and to attend, a Prince George’s County school. If immunization records need to be updated and parents can verify an appointment within 20 days to obtain immunizations, the child can be temporarily enrolled pending receipt of required immunizations.

All newly enrolled students in pre-kindergarten through grade 1 must submit a Lead Screening Certificate form (DHMH 4620). The form is available at the school or can be accessed from the Health Services page on the school system web site,


If you have any questions about the Imagine Andrews health and wellness procedures, please contact the school nurse at (301) 350-6002 or via email at