November 12, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is pleased to inform you that your child will be taking the district’s Formative Assessment System Test (FAST) Assessments for Science. The FAST Administrations will take place beginning on November 16th (Grade 8) and November 17th(Grade 5).

PGCPS will be using the Pearson TestNav platform to administer the FAST Assessments. Your child’s teacher will be communicating with you and your child to provide technological support, logistics, and steps on how to access the assessments in the Pearson TestNav platform.

The purpose of these assessments is to provide instructional tools for teachers to see what your child learned in Science during the first quarter. No grades will be assigned based on these assessment results. The results from the FAST Assessments will be used by teachers and schools to enhance instruction on skills your child is learning in the classroom.

Your child will need your support by helping them select a quiet place to complete each assessment and
removing all non-testing materials such as phones, textbooks, and notebooks to minimize distractions.
Your child may also need your assistance with connecting to the appropriate technology platforms and
applications. It is critical that your child take each assessment independently, with no assistance provided
within the remote learning setting, so they can show what they have learned from the first quarter’s
instruction. We are truly excited to provide the best e-learning opportunity and continue to support your
child’s educational needs.

For more information on the assessment platform or technical assistance, please;
● Visit the PGCPS Distance Learning Site
● Visit the Distance Learning Parent Resources
● Visit the PGCPS Student Portal
● Use one of the 9 Parent Support Centers across PGCPS. Parents and Families will be able to
receive help with technology, navigating online platforms and other troubleshooting related to
distance learning. Parents may call 240-696-3315 to receive live assistance.
● Use the Distance Learning Hotline for live assistance regarding technical/equipment issues
and/or instructional guidance and support 240-696-6229.