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Families at Arrival

Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany scholars  to class on the first day of school. As part of our safety efforts, all visitors must sign in and wear a visitor identification sticker for the duration of their visit. Parents should plan to visit no longer than 30 minutes to allow teachers and staff members to proceed with the instructional day. At 8:30 a.m. all families will leave and instruction will begin.

School Hours & Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures


8:00 a.m. Door open for breakfast

8:05 a.m. Doors open for all scholars

Staggered Scholar Dismissal – (K-4) 2:40 p.m. (5-8) 3:10 p.m.


Arrival and dismissal times will be strictly enforced. Scholars are not to be left unattended outside of the building in the morning. Grace will be given on inclement weather days and days when there is a delay at the gates.


Parents are expected to drop off and pick students up in accordance with the school hours noted earlier in this handbook. Parents should know and follow the recommended traffic pattern and procedures when picking up and dropping off students. In an effort to promote safety, Imagine Andrews reserves the right to update traffic patterns as needed.

Please keep in mind that the following traffic pattern has been developed with student safety in mind and to expedite the drop off and pickup process. With that said, we ask that parents remain patient during drop off and pickup. Please read very carefully and see the succeeding diagram:

1. Non-base parents should enter base using the main gate, make a right at the first traffic light onto Perimeter Rd. Perimeter should be taken all the way to San Antonio Blvd. where parents will make a left turn.

2. All parents/cars should approach Imagine Andrews heading west to East on San Antonio Blvd. This means when approaching Imagine Andrews, the school should be on your right.

3. Parents should make a right hand turn into the parking lot and proceed around the lot “banked” closely to the curve.

4. For those who are leaving base, they should continue heading east (right hand turn out of the school lot) on San Antonio to Virginia Ave

At 8:05 a.m. there will be a team of staff members assisting with opening car doors and assisting students with moving from the cars to the entrance doors. Parents are not permitted to get out of cars in the line. Please ensure that your students have their outer garments, backpacks, materials, instruments and other belonging with them as you approach the carline. There will not be time to for parents to stop or get out of the cars. Please be sure that car seats are places on the curb side of the for easier access.

After-School Carline Procedures

• All independent walkers & bike riders are called on the walkie-talkie first.

• If you are walking to get your children in grades K-4, please sign the clipboard located outside

the exterior doors. Someone will call them on the walkie-talkie.

• If you are in the car line, please do not get out of your car. Have the “I am picking up” sign on

your dashboard so that your child’s name can be called over the walkie- talkie.

• If you are picking up a scholar in grades 5-8 and arrive early, during the K-4 dismissal, park in

the inner circle of the car line.

• Keep the exterior front entry way clear. A place will be designated for parents that is off to

the side of the entry way, so it is clear and is not a fire hazard.

• Students in grades 5-8 are welcome to be picked up, with your permission, at the building

facilities next door to us.

Additional Expectations for Parking Lot / Car Line

  • Parking is not permitted along the curb in the circular driveway in front of the school.
  • Please do not leave your car unattended in the morning or afternoon.
  • In order to ensure that all scholars are safe, we are asking that you do not let scholarsout of in the parking lot alone.
  • The handicapped spaces are designated for our disable parents. Please do not park orpull in to the spaces temporarily to drop off children.
  • Scholars are only allowed to be let out of cars in the outer circle (closest to the curb) ofthe carline. Letting scholars out of the car while in the inner circle of the carline is prohibited.

Friday Theme Shirt Details

1st Friday of Each Month:College & Career/Armed Forces Tops

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Friday of Each Month: IA Polo Shirts, IA Spirit Wear Shirts and College & Career/Armed Forces

Polo Shirts cannot be worn daily.

Tentative Homeroom Assignments for Scholars 2018-2019

Greetings all,

Listed below are the homeroom assignments for scholars in grades K-8. This is our official list but it is subject to change.


H. D. Rice II

Kindergarten: Ms. Matteson (201)

B. Alfred G. Brown
L. Braxton T. Porche
Z.  Clark J. Deville
J. Cooper A. Mack
E. Dearborn I. Mondfrans
A. Eberlin A. Peterson
K. Davis A. Moe
J. Ivler Z. Smith
Z. Lucas R. Sobota
I. Lynum C. Thomas
L. Mauss E. Todaro
C. Ortillo O. Watson
A. Panda, Jr.
Z. Wall
C. Smith


Kindergarten: Ms. Reavis (246)

E. Bartolome,  Jr. D. Correa
T. Carroll-Jones G. Cooper
N. Clisby A. Curry
K. Davis A. Lawal
D. Dawkins L. Lewis
D. De Souza Riley Z. Wall
Z. Lucas A. Morris
M. Monroe A. Stewart
J. Ortiz P. Townes
B. Phillips J. Tyler
J. Reed L. Vazquez
L. Schliesmann W. Harrison
D. Simms T. Wells III
R. Livington

1st Grade: Ms. Marshall (202) 

J. Aribal C. Breaker
B. Bailey A. Brockes
K. Close L. Collier-Luke
M. Couvson-Porche V. Crews
B. DaRif B. Davis
B. Ferris Z. Easom
A. Streeter-Flowers S. Gatewood
T. Harrison M. Gelin
R. Kane B. Masalosalo
N. Olawoyn T. Prunty
C. Warner N. Reynolds
J. Williams L. Sharpe
R. Thomason


1st Grade: Ms. Martin (222) 

P. Andrade Z. Brooks
R. Decastro I. Burgdolf
E. Farmer M. Greer
T. Holcomb J. Henderson
S. Hynson L. Herman
J. Jones E. Marquez
L. Kilzer Z. Mayo
B. King S. Moe
H. Kruger R. Ogamba
M. Navarro S. Pearson
C. Pinder A. Saffell-Randolph
A. Scott L. Sorg
Z. Silver


2nd Grade: Ms. Carter (206) 

S. Brooks Z. Bustillo
R. d’Argy C. Crews
K. Eggins A. Franklin
A Gamble M. Kruger
D Lowe M. Lovick
K. Lynum A. Monroe
M. Palmer B. Ogamba
J. Parrish I. Osumah
T. Rollins M. Ridgway
T. Silcott K. Smith
D. Williams K. Waiters
J. Wall
C. White


2nd Grade: Ms. Copes (207) 

K. Anderson S. Batchler
O. Battle S. Bright
E. Chastaine A. Clark
B. Demers P. Hogan
N. Dunn P. Hogan
U. Hart R. Martinez
K. Henze C. Mason
C. Kozak L. Miller
H. Ligget J. Mills
J. Marshall Z. Moore
K. Mims L. Walcott
W. Smith E. Wise


2nd Grade: Ms. Cook (221) 

K. Anderson B. Cooper
J. Arana K. Horne
K. Bishop A. Jenkins
A. Elmore M. Jenkins
N. Harris I. Jordan
F. Harrison J. Kirkland
T. Jones Z. Lovick
L. Rios C. Patterson
A. Simmons I. Preston
D. Thomason A. Sorg
A. Thomas
L. Tyler
A. Warren


3rd Grade: Ms. McIlmail (217) 

L. Batts N. Bishop
C. Chandre K. Bradshaw
C. Demers A. Cleveland
P. Feuring F. Henze
N. Harrison S.’ Knight
J. Jackson A. Midgette
H. Kibbe M. Muhammad
M. King L. Nelson
X. Martinez C. Watson
P. McCullough S. Wokoma
B. Santos L. Wright
S. Wells





3rd Grade Ms. Wall (211) 

A. Allen D. Arthur
X. Barnes N. Boutte
C. Bell S. Burton
H. Bishop G. DeCastro
C. Broadnax D. Hall
C. Brockes A.Jones
E. Ivler C. Kibbe
X. Jacobs K. King
A. Jordan R. McKnight
A. Nanevie J. Puhr
J. Phillips P. Pruitt
J. Sindjui G. Stacy
D. Terry
M. Toenniges


4th Grade: Ms. Gonzalez (216)

A. Duff K. Akins
H. Feuring A. Castillo
K. Jones C. Crosby
A. Hernandez B. Hogan
C. Park O. Hood
Y. Patel R. Kane
E. Phillips A. Panda
C. Reyes K. Parrish
K. Shannon N. Samuel
D. Simmons M. Smith
I. Stanton-Young D. Stevens
A. Thevenin
M. Walcott



4th Grade: Ms. Kowalskyj (212) 

M. Ayodeji A. Adams
C. Bowman L. Bergery
J. Field A. Dobson
Z. Greene S. Ferris
D. Jackson M.Jackson
M. Jones N. Kalu
K. King L. Kelly
Z. Mayo A. Molina
J. Metoyer J. Mosely
Z. Randolph A. Ortiz
L. Spargo J. Reed
S. Stevens
V. Taylor
A. White


5th Grade: Ms. Warner (241) 

C. Bell A. Adams
J. Burgdolf A. Bonello
M. Davis S. Brooks
C. Donovan F. Brown
J. Garrison A. Chisolm
J. Harrison C. Crosby
M. Johnson A. DaRif
M. Linares I. Easom
C. Mack A. Johnson
K. Mitchell A. Robles-Medina
I. Painter-Wasson A. Taylor
A. Planas M. Wilkins
J. Potter O. Willis
I. Swinton


5th Grade: Ms. Frager (242)

J. Celestin N. Alfred
A. Docteur C. Bethune
B. Greene Z. Bridges
T. Henze L. Collins
Z. Jolley K. Essex
K. McKnight K. Holmes
Q. Mitchell K. Horne
J. Planas K. Johnson
T. Rollins M. Johnson
I. Shambley M. Jones
Q. Walker M. Luellen
M. Welsh S. Owens
N. Walton
A. Wenger
T. Wokoma


6th Grade: Ms. Perez (227) 

B. Allison M. Alfred
E. Bergery K. Anderson
C. Burgess H. Chisolm
A. Davis Z. Clark
Q. Douglass M. Cleveland
Z. Hjelstrom M. Collier
R. Johns C. Curtis
E. King L. Fridge
P. Mitchell M. Hull
S. Paul I. Nellenbach
C. Sandidge E. Poole
J. Sharpe
M. Tate
T. Toliaferro
E. Watson

6th Grade: Mr. Hardy (226) 

A. Ayodeji L. Brown
L. Bosrock K. Chestnut
Q. Bowens A. Dawkins
A. Brown O. Hood
T. Castillo L. Jackson
O. Cleveland Z. Jones
D. Fitzhugh C. Knight
J.Franklin A. Marquez
S. Harmon E. McQueen
C. King N. Scott
J. King K. Wilkinson
T. McGhee
M. Powell
N. White
A. Woodberry


7th Grade: Lawrence (231) 

J. Berlanga L. Banks
C. Bolden N. Broadnax
C. Bowman A. DeVille
J. Bryant A. Etheridge
T. Carey A. Field
M. Collier C. Gordon
J. Gardner J. Griffin
W. Higdon T. Lawton
O. Jolley A. McGhee
S. Mason A. Scott
D. Pearson E. Smith
M. Samuels D. Wright
C. Tobler
R. Williams


7th Grade: Mirasol (202) 

D. Castano K. Ambris
B. Chen K. Bowen
J. Collins K. Bryant
B. Elazier N. Chew
L. Gordon L. DaRif
J. Hargrove J. DeVille
H. Miller M. Luellen
J. Patterson T. Moore
G. Pruitt L. Robles-Medina
E. Quiroz A.Sorg
J. Reyes M. Wimbush
W. Sanders
M. Walcott
J. Whitaker


8th Grade: Mr. Riggs (232) 

T. Allison N. Figgins
A. Applewhite J. Holmes
N. Battle C. Hogan
J. Dallas K. Gales-Cook
S. Garcia D. Lee
D. Hogan M. Linares
D. Holland K. Nieves Hernandez
D. Johnson T. Parker
P. King C. Parrish
K. McElvaine S. Snyder
D. Planas A. Timmons
J. Reynolds J. Wilson
F. White



8th Grade: Mr. Greene (236) 

B. Boddie J. Bradshaw
N. Douse V. Cruz
A. Elazier E. Craddock
R. Hamlette A. Davis
R. Harmon S. Edwards
J. Henderson H. Fitzhugh
O. Hood Z. Forshee
M. Massey E. Greer
K. Randolf B. Holcomb
X. Scott N. Martinez
W. Trahan N. Scott
M. Welch M. Sharpe
K. Tate
O. Willis


Visitor Center Closed on Friday August 31, 2018

The visitor center will be closed on Friday August 31, 2018. This may impact the process for base access for those who have not already made arracngements. Please use this information to inform your preparation for securing base access for the first day of school, if you have not already. Contact if you need assistance.

Uniform Policy for 2018-2019


Short or long sleeve white oxford style shirt (with Imagine Andrews logo, pressed, free of stains and buttoned the top. Shirts should be completely tucked into scholar’s pants

Plain Solid, white undershirts that are free of logos are required and are to be worn underneath the oxford shirt


Short or long sleeve white oxford style shirt, pressed, free of stains, and buttoned all the way up. Shirts should be completely tucked into scholar’s pants/scooters

Plain Solid, white undershirts that are free of logos are required and are to be worn underneath the oxford shirt

Red cardigan sweater (optional)Red V neck sweater (optional)
Red cardigan sweater (optional)Red V neck sweater (optional)
Ties will be required for male scholars in grades 1 – 8. When wearing the Imagine Andrews V-neck sweater, the neck tie should be tucked inside of the sweater.
Ties will be required for females in grades 1 –8; female scholars can wear crossbow or neck ties.Ties should be clean and free of stains. When wearing the Imagine Andrews V-neck sweater, the neck tie should be tucked inside of the sweater
Khaki pants or shorts (pleated or flat front) should be well-pressed and worn on scholar’s waists. Cargo or joggers pants are not permitted
Khaki pants or shorts (pleated or flat front) should be well pressed and worn on scholar’s waist. Cargo or joggers pants are not permittedKhaki color scooters can be worn by female scholars ; scooters must minimally reach the scholar’s knee caps
Belts must be solid khaki or solid black ONLY.  Belts must be worn if there are belt loops on the pants
Belts must be solid khaki or solid black ONLY. Belts must be worn if there are belt loops on the pants

Shoes – Uninterrupted black sneakers are required; sneakers should be solid black, have black shoelaces, and soft soles.  Scholars are not permitted to have open toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops

Socks – Scholars are required to wear plain black or white cotton socks; scholar socks should be free of any other colors and logos


Shoes – Uninterrupted black sneakers are required; sneakers should be solid black, have black shoe laces, and soft soles.  Scholars are not permitted to have open toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops

Socks – Scholars are required to wear plain black or white cotton socks; scholar socks should be free of any other colors and logos

Tights – Female scholars have the option of wearing tights w/ their scooters. Tights must be solid white and free of holes and designs.


1st Friday: College & Armed Forces Shirts

2nd-4th Friday: IA Polo Shirt, School Spirit Shirt or College & Armed Forces Shirt

• Students are required to wear their uniform bottom khaki pants and uninterrupted black shoes of Fridays.

• Non-Imagine Andrews embroidered polo shirts are prohibited.

Base Access for the Opening of School (2018-2019)


Greetings Imagine Andrews Families,

It’s a great day at Imagine Andrews! Several families have reached out with questions regarding base access for the 2018-2019 school year. In the Spring, a pink and blue base access form was sent home to families. Parents/Guardians were to complete the form and send it back to the main office. If you returned the form, your base access information will be at the visitor’s center in the Imagine Andrews Base Access Binder by August 10th, 2018. Please ask someone in the visitor’s center to look for your name in that binder. They will give you base access.

If you do not recall receiving or completing that document, please see the attached form, complete it, scan it and send it to or Once your base access forms are completed and submitted to Ms. Hall or Ms. Cole, your access should be ready the next day.  If you have any further questions regarding base access, please reach out to Ms. Hall or Ms.Cole.

Be sure to bring your driver’s license, up to date proof of insurance and registration of the vehicle.

It would be best if you obtain what you need to access the base before the first day of school. Ms. Hall will be there on the first day to greet families in the morning. That process tends to be hectic and lengthy when people wait until that day. I strongly encourage families to take care of the base access issue in advanced to avoid late arrival to class on the first day of school.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the first day of school. The big day is almost here! Enjoy the last days. Before we know it, school will no longer be out for summer!




H. Douglas Rice II, Principal

Imagine Andrews Public Charter School



2018-2019 Open House for New Families: August 30, 2018

Greetings New Families,

Imagine Andrews Public Charter School will hold it’s Open House for New Families on August 30, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30. This will be a time for families to tour the school and visit classrooms. It is an informal event that will give families an opportunity to see the building, receive literature/information and possibly sign up for PTA. We look forward to seeing you then.


H. Douglas Rice II