Welcome, Students

At Imagine Andrews, our mission is to create a challenging learning environment for you, the students in the Joint Base Andrews community and throughout Prince George’s County, while addressing some of your needs that come from being in a military family. We believe that through effective classroom instruction, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful students and responsible citizens. Also, based on an environment of both challenge and support, Imagine Andrews PCS will provide you with strong moral values and an understanding of diversity, mutual respect, and responsibility for yourself and your community.

We set high expectations for ourselves, in order to provide you with a quality education in a safe, nurturing environment. At Imagine Andrews, you’ll find teachers and other adults who care about you. They want to help you learn all you can, do your very best, and enjoy discovering and understanding new things.

We set high expectations for you, too. If you become an Imagine Andrews student, we will expect you to take responsibility for your education, in school and at home. We will ask you to try your hardest, and to learn from both your successes and your mistakes.

You will learn how to be a person of good character, how to make wise choices, and what it takes to be a leader and to contribute positively to your class, your school, and your community.

Imagine Andrews Public Charter School (PCS) was established on Joint Base Andrews in 2011 to provide outstanding educational opportunities for military and community students. As a cooperative venture between Imagine Schools, Joint Base Andrews, and the Prince George’s County Public School System, Imagine Andrews PCS provides a challenging learning environment for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Expansion plans for Imagine Andrews include adding a grade a year through eighth grade. The student body is composed of children whose families are assigned to Andrews as well as children from families not assigned to the base and who may be both military and non military.

Student Council

The Student Council was formed to provide students at Imagine Andrews with a voice in the decision-making process. Its purpose is to promote and maintain school spirit, allow students to experience the democratic process, and strive for excellent student citizenship. The council is made up of two elected representatives each from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. Meetings are held twice a month from 7:30 AM – 8:15 AM in Ms. Carter’s room.

Character Traits for the School Year

  • September: Trustworthiness
  • October: Respect
  • November: Fairness
  • December & January: Responsibility
  • February: Caring
  • March: MSA Testing and Study Skills
  • April: Career Awareness
  • May & June: Citizenship

For more information on the traits, click here.